Citylink-Tulla Widening

Lendlease Engineering


Project Overview:

The Citylink-Tulla Widening project was a Design & Construct Contract for the upgrade of the Tullamarine Freeway to provide an additional lane on each carriageway between Bulla Road and Melbourne Airport.This included the reconstruction of the English Street Bridge, two pedestrian overpasses, the provision of a new collector-distributor bridge over Mickleham Road connecting southbound traffic on the Tullamarine Freeway directly to the M80 Ring Road and the new English Street collector-distributor which provides an early freeway exit at Bulla Road for northbound Tullamarine vehicles exiting to Matthews Avenue & Essendon Airport.

The project also included the provision of the civil works associated with a Freeway Management System which will include a lane use management system, variable speed signs, freeway ramp signals, freeway data stations, closed-circuit television cameras and variable message signs. The works under the Contract will also provide freeway ramp signals and further vehicle detection inbound on the Calder Freeway between the Tullamarine Freeway and Kings Road, Melton.”
MBB’s Scope: MBB were engaged to provide procurement, value engineering and design management services, which later grew to include more field-based engineering.