Working with us

Whatever your talents, goals and career aspirations are, you will find a place to thrive at MBB. At MBB, we strive to unite the best Project Managers, Engineers and constructional professionals to ensure a seamless and exceptional experience for our valued clients. We have a culture of ongoing collaboration, innovation and teamwork. We have a passionate team dedicated to collaboratively delivering on a variety of challenges, at the same time supporting and fostering our colleges to ensure they grow and develop.

The work we do makes a big impact on a national scale. We actively integrate with our clients to deliver exceptional results across a broad range of infrastructure. MBB consultants effect change and manage outcomes on a daily basis, leading teams and influencing communities and public amenity. Discover a culture that rewards dedication with support and encouragement while you explore a wide variety of opportunities that enable you to do meaningful, impactful work in your community.

Its the collaborative nature of MBB that sets us apart. We integrate so well with other teams, provide great value to our clients and make a real difference on a daily basis.

Martin XuerebSenior Project Manager

“The thing I love about working for MBB is the team culture. It’s a winning culture, one that values hard work and rewards you for it…”

Tom HarrisonProject Engineer

“At MBB, we play our consultants to their respective strengths, ensuring our clients receive outstanding results…”

Grace Hiney Project Manager

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