Cladding Safety Victoria

The establishment of Cladding Safety Victoria by the Victorian Government is a world-leading initiative. The $550 million program aims to make Victorians safer by reducing the risk associated with combustible cladding on residential apartment buildings. Cladding Safety Victoria works with owners and owners corporations to help them rectify non-compliant cladding by providing support, guidance and connections to appropriately registered and qualified practitioners.

MBB were engaged as part of Cladding Safety Victoria’s Implementation Project Management Pilot in March of 2020. Our engagement involves the delivery of Works Package 3, covering 5 of CSVs most critical and challenging building upgrades. Our team have performed beyond expectation to date, setting and reaching several stretch targets as per the scope associated with this RFT. Some of our achievements to date include broad market engagement to facilitate procurement, fostering and developing cooperative working relationships with owners corporations, development of a thorough PMP and driving the execution of IPM deeds to facilitate works to commence on these buildings.